Thank You!

Keep us Flying. We appreciate your ongoing generous support! Not only does your funding help us bring the Mystic Flyer to communities all over the country, you are also helping us build and show spectacular new additions to the Mystic Flyer Arts Foundation.

Phase III plans for the Mystic Flyer include a breathtaking illuminated head sculpture, fiber optic wings, and improvements to our DJ booth and Sound System, and on the inside we are developing new Time Travel Technology tracks and brand new interactive illuminated environment to “fly” your consciousness into new dimensions!

Thank you deeply for your continued support of the Mystic Flyer Arts Foundation and our various projects.

Mystic Flyer Arts Foundation

Art Car Gift Registry

Donations to the Foundation and its associated properties ( like the Mystic Flyer Art Car and the Pixel Portal which debuted at Desert Heart this year) allow us to continue our development of experimental interactive art and we understand that sometimes that’s not possible but other things are. The list below is our short list of things we wish for.

  • 5000+ Sq Ft Warehouse Space in the San Diego Area (By 6/1/2019)
  • New Power steering Pump for the Flyer
  • 4 New Tires/Rims for the rear of the bus
  • A/C System (It’s HOT on the Playa)
  • Upholstery upgrades
  • Blackout window vinyl
  • Flat screen monitors for windows + cameras
  • Bike Racks and additional hand rails
  • Autonomous Driving system
  • Two new Predator 3500 generators (Or a Battery/solar system)
  • Bio-Diesel conversion
  • Flyte Attendant “uniforms” for crew
  • Acrylite LED light guided edge lit panels for the Merkaba
  • Polycarbonate clear floor for the Merkaba
  • New noise canceling headphones for Time Jump Meditations
  • Fiber Optic cloth for “Feathers”
  • New U-Joints (preventive)
  • Rotational molding fabrication specialist
  • New radiator
  • Armor Tiara
  • Holographic film for armor tiara
  • 15 zero gravity chairs for Pixel Portal participants
  • 15 psychedelic yoga mats for listening stations
  • New artists that would like to be featured on the Flyer or in the Portal
  • UV reactive ink printing (vinyl) + wrap installation on ceiling
  • Support vehicle (Honda Odyssey, 4 runner, etc.)
  • Small box truck for support and Pixel Portal transportation
  • …..AND anything you think of that would be awesome?

Personnel Needs:

  • Bookkeeper
  • CAD design professional
  • Auto Electric specialist
  • LINUX programmer/Raspberry Pi engineer
  • Fundraising manager
  • Fundraising events manager
  • Fundraising “Perks” manager
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Communications director